What’s In My Bag?

I am a naturally very curious person (often, I will admit, bordering on nosy), and I absolutely love reading ‘What’s In My Bag?’ posts. When I wrote my New Years resolution to w start seriously writing this blog, and sat down and wrote a list of potential blog ideas to get the ball rolling, and this was at the very top of my list. So, without further adieu, here it is!

IMG_1255To start with, the bag. I got this bag for my 20th birthday, and I absolutely love it. I ummed and ahhed about it for a while before I put it on my birthday list, as I knew a bright pink bag wasn’t as versatile as a plain black one, but in the end I decided that it was worth it. I have been using the bag for about 7 months now, and while it is starting to show its age (and not particularly stellar quality), I can see myself getting quite a bit more use out of this. It is exactly the right size to carry everything I like to carry on a day to day basis, and it has lots and lots of pockets. The number of pockets is one of the main criteria I consider when looking at bags – I like to be organised, and I find it easier to keep things organised if I have lots of pockets, so that everything has a place and can stay in its place. When it comes to the actual contents of my bag, I try not to carry too much (and usually fail), but these are things that I will almost always have with me:


My Wallet: I absolutely adore this wallet, even more than I love the bag. I love the fact that it matches the bag (I have a bit of a thing for matching things; my suitcases match and I get extremely excited every time I get to walk with them through an airport), but I also love the wallet independent from the handbag. I tend to carry quite a lot around in my wallet, and over the past few years I have developed a love for big double zippered wallets like this one. They fit everything!

My Diary: I started using a Paperblanks diary last year, and I was incredibly excited to get my new one for 2015. I love the beautiful vintage-style design of these particular diaries, and I think the size is perfect – small enough that it can fit in a handbag, but large enough for there to be enough room for me to write everything I need to.

My Phone: My phone is always either in its special little pocket in my handbag or in my pocket – I am terrible at answering my phone when someone rings, but I am working to get better! My phone is an old model, the Samsung Galaxy S2, but it works perfectly and does everything I need, so I see little need to update it just yet. My phone over is looking very battered now, but I have yet to find another one I love as my trusty TARDIS, so I suspect I will keep using it until it becomes unusable – hopefully that doesn’t happen too soon!

My Sunglasses: I wear a pair of classic RayBans, and I adore them! We brought the first really long road trip where I could drive, as mum thought it would probably be a good idea for me to wear something with actually protected my eyes, rather than the $5 sunglasses I had been wearing. I was terrified that I would damage them, as I don’t have the greatest track record with sunglasses, but so far so good!

My Umbrella: You can’t tell when it is all rolled up, but my umbrella is actually a Doctor Who one, with a TARDIS design. Have you guessed yet that I am a big Doctor Who fan?

My Keys: At the moment I have one of mums spare sets with the keys for the house and car in Darwin, but usually I am carrying my own set with the keys for my house and car in Melbourne.

My Headphones: I am never one for expensive headphones, and I have a bad record for lost and broken sets, but I will always have a set in my bag, so that I can always listen to music.

Daisy Travel Perfume: I have been wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume for about four years now, and I don’t see myself changing anytime soon. I have two big bottles, one of the traditional scent and one of a limited edition scent, but I like to carry this little roller bottle around with me in case I ever feel like I need a refresher.

Paw Paw Ointment and Lipstick: I always carry Paw Paw ointment, as I find it works wonders on sore or chapped lips, and I will usually have a lipstick or two in my bag at any time. I am currently wearing Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie, which has quickly made itself my favourite lipstick. It is a gorgeous sheer colour, which I find looks almost like I’m not wearing any lipstick at all – like I just have naturally pink lips a few shades darker than my own.

Lacteeze Tablets: I am lactose intolerant, and these tablets mean that I can eat things that contain dairy without feeling sick. Yay for icecream and milkshakes!

Worry Stones: I have a habit of fidgeting whenever I feel anxious or worried, and I find having one of these stones (or both) in my hands, so that I can run my fingers over the different smooth sides, helps to calm me down a little.

There are a few other things I often have with me that I forgot to photograph. I always have bandaids with me, in case of blisters or cuts, along with some ibuprofen and paracetamol. I usually have at least one reusable foldable shopping bag as well. The Northern Territory no longer uses disposable shopping bags at places like grocery stores, so these foldable shopping bags come in very handy! One thing I definitely don’t have in my bag very often is rubbish. I always try to throw out rubbish as soon as I can and keep my bag as tidy as possible.

What is in your bag? Are you as big a fan of these sorts of posts as I am? If you have any suggestions for blog posts you would be interested in reading, please let me know!


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