What I Wore – Summer Edition

One of my favourite bloggers, Maja Huse (I don’t know how to make her name a link to her website, I’m sorry, but if you are looking for a good blog, I definitely recommend Googling her), has done a few posts like this, and I found them really, really interesting. It is so nice to see a genuine representation of what someone wears in a week, complete with bad hair days and lazy comfy-clothes days. I have decided to do two editions of my “What I Wore” series, one for summer and one for winter, and if I enjoy writing them as much as I think I will I might even start doing them every year. I think it would be interesting to see how my style changes from year to year, and to see what stays the same. There are pieces in my wardrobe that I do genuinely believe I will be wearing in 5 years time, because they are well-made classics that I adore, but then I also know that my personal style is still evolving, and what I like to wear in 5 years time might be completely different to what I like to wear now. But anyway, that is all looking a little too far into the future, so instead let’s look just a little bit back into the past at wore I wore last week!


IMG_1312As most of you probably know by now, I am currently studying my fourth year of medicine. We do four rotations in fourth
year: General Practice, Psychiatry, Women’s Health and Medicine of the Mind. I am insanely excited about the topics we get to study this year, but I think I will go further into that in another post. For now I will just tell you that I am currently on my first rotation, General Practice. On this rotation I spend two days a week (Monday and Wednesday) at one of the University campuses attending lectures and tutorials, and then for three days (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) I spend all or part of the day placed with a General Practitioner in the community. Monday was a Uni day, so I didn’t have to worry about dressing in a way that was clinically appropriate. Instead I wore my favourite denim shorts and one of my favourite shirts, both of which are from Just Jeans. I wore these with my newest, and current favourite, shoes, my Melissa Campana Papel’s in Black Multi Glitter. I love these shoes so, so much! I am actually planning a whole post around these shoes (I love them that much), so I won’t say anymore, but just know that they are amazing!


IMG_1314On Tuesday I am with one of my General Practitioners from 8 until 4, so I need to be dressed in a way that was clinically appropriate. On this particular Tuesday I chose to wear a Veronika Maine dress and a pair of little Aldo leather flats. I actually worked at Veronika Maine and Cue over the last two Christmas holidays, and one of the many perks of working there was that we got an amazing staff discount, so I was able to buy some of their incredible clothes at a price that didn’t damage my uni-student budget too much. Cue and Veronika Maine are Australian owned companies, and the clothes they sell are designed and made in Australia. The clothes are of a really high quality, and they last really well. This particular dress is great example of just how well the clothing ages – it is almost a year and a half old, was worn almost once a week for a good eight months, and yet still looks almost new. I love this dress for a number of reasons – it is pink (like a good proportion of my wardrobe); it is cotton, so is comfortable to wear whatever the weather; and most of all – it has pockets! My opinion of any skirt or dress instantly improves when I discover that it has pockets!


After I finished at my placement, I came home, spent some time relaxing and internetting, and then went to the gym. I decided that I would try and capture pictures of my gym outfits as often as I could, because I thought it was important for people to see someone perfectly average, like me, wearing workout gear that isn’t particularly fancy or expensive. As much as I love some of the upmarket workout gear that is available, I just can’t justify spending that much on something that I am only going to wear for one very sweaty hour. My workout gear is a combination of K-mart exercise wear (like the pants I am wearing here) and T-shirts from my rather impressive T-shirt collection. On this particular day I was having a rather bad day, so I decided to wear my very favourite T-shirt emblazoned with the Hogwarts crest. I have owned this shirt for over 5 years now, and while it is starting to get a bit sad looking, I doubt I will ever be able to bring myself to throw it out!


IMG_1318This was another uni day, so again I didn’t have to dress clinically. The Melbourne weather had been its fickle self and gotten rather cold and windy, so I brought out my trusty Jeanswest jeans, a simple black Dotti tank top, a red Cotton On cardigan that someone (I could never figure out who) left at my house some four years ago, and my Melissa’s. I bought these jeans last year after I put on a bit of weight (which I have now discovered was actually due to a side effect of a medication I am currently taking), and I was lucky enough to get a really amazing sales person to help me find the perfect pair. In the end I actually bought the first pair I had tried on, but the sales girl was wonderful, and let me try on about 10 different pairs, so that I could be certain I had found the perfect pair.IMG_1320

I went to the gym again on Wednesday. I was wearing another pair of the K-mart pants I love (they are just. so. comfortable!), this time with my Minions/Doctor Who crossover T-shirt. This T-shirt is one of the only items of clothing I have ever ordered online, and I love it – I also love the reactions I get from people who understand the reference! It has proved to be a great conversation starter with fellow Whovians.


IMG_1321Thursday was another clinical day. I was determined to try and cheer myself up, so I wore my newest, and current favourite, dress. This one was my final purchase from Cue over the recent Christmas holidays, and I absolutely adore it. I love the colours, the vintage-style cut, the fact that it is 100% cotton, and, yet again, the fact that it has pockets! I paired it with my Melissa’s (again), and a simple ponytail, which is how I wear my hair almost every day that I am on clinical placement. I find my hair can be a bit unruly, and likes to fall out at the most inconvenient times, so I just prefer to have it up when I am on placement, and a ponytail is the most complex hairstyle I have the patience for at 7 o’clock in the morning!


My last day of placement for the week is also my favourite, as it is with my favourite General Practitioner. I decided to wear a new outfit from Jacqui E that I had bought while sale shopping with my mum at the end of last year that I hadn’t yet had the chance to wear, and I very quickly fell in love with it. There is something about the fit of the skirt and the lovely round neck of the cardigan that just make me feel rather elegant and stylish, and I love how bright the colours are! I didn’t think my Melissa’s would quite work with this outfit, so instead I work another pair of Aldo leather flats. These ones have patent leather fronts and little patent leather bows on them, which I adore!


IMG_1324Saturday was a study and chores day, so I wanted something that was comfortable but that I was still happy about going out of the house in, because I needed to go grocery shopping. I ended up wearing a Midi skirt I got in Bali with another one of my simple Dotti tank tops. You can’t tell in the photo, but this skirt is made of an amazing irredescent material that looks in purple in some lights and green in others. It is really beautiful, and being a light cotton it is really comfortable to wear. I did actually put on my Melissa’s when I went grocery shopping, but as you can tell from the photo I spent most of the day barefoot!


My Sunday morning started with a gym class. This time I paired (yet-another) pair of my K-mart workout pants with a K-mart shirt I bought about a month ago. I love the colours in this shirt, and it makes me feel like a “real gym person” with its racer back and fancy material. But mainly I just love it because it has pink on it!

IMG_1326After the gym I spent a good proportion of my day sitting at my desk studying. It was disgustingly hot, so I wore my favourite round-the-house dress. When I first bought this dress 2 and a bit years ago it was my favourite going-out-to-dinner-etc dress, with its spinny circle skirt and beautiful floral pattern. Unfortunately, the extra weight I have put on in the past year or so means that this dress is now scandalously short, and the pattern has sadly started to fade as well. It is still amazingly comfortable though, and being 100% cotton it is perfect for those stinking hot days when you want to be wearing as little clothing as is socially acceptable!


Sunday evening was a bit special for me, as I had a friends birthday party to attend in the city. This meant that I had the chance to get a bit dressed up, and I really enjoyed it! I wore my strawberry dress, which my mum made for me from a vintage 1950s pattern, and paired it with red lipstick, a flower crown and those ever-present Melissa’s. I had to walk a reasonable distance from the train station to the party, and as I was walking I passed two elderly individuals walking with a little girl whom I assume was their granddaughter. The little girl had stopped to look at my flower crown, and I heard the grandparents comment that “yes she looks very beautiful, doesn’t she”. I was absolutely touched to hear that, and was floating on a little bubble of happiness for quite a while after that! The bubble was helped by the wonderful party I got to go to – I got to sit in the sunshine, eating delicious food and catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in much longer that I would have liked. It was a really lovely way to end the week, and I still got home and in bed on time. Yay for bed!

Well, that’s it – every single outfit I wore for one entire week. Wait, I lie – there was one extra gym day where I forgot to take a photo before I went to the gym, and then I was too icky and sweaty after the gym to want to take a photo. So I guess I can only say that this is almost every outfit I wore for one entire week. I actually found it really enjoyable to write this post, so I hope you enjoy reading it, and find it interesting. I am really interested to see how much things change in the next six months, to see which outfits I can make winter appropriate and which ones get delegated to the back of the wardrobe.


My Skincare Routine

A few months ago, around exam period, I started to have some trouble with my skin. It was looking really dry and lifeless, and I was getting slightly more blemishes. I had never really had a skincare routine – I had a cleanser, a moisturiser, and a makeup remover, and that was it – so I decided I would try out some new products. I went to one of the big warehouses here, looked through the entirety of the face care aisle, and eventually decided I would try out the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter range. I started with a face mask, and instantly fell in love. Gradually I integrated almost all of the Palmer’s products into my daily routine, and so far I have absolutely adored them!

I think it is important that I tell you a little bit about my skin, before I start telling you about the products I use, so that you will get some idea about whether the products I use will suit you. I will be the first to tell you that I won the genetic lottery when it comes to my skin (at least on my face) – I rarely get blemishes, and my skin is generally fairly even-toned. That being said, my skin is often quite dry, and can be very sensitive to certain products. My skin will often get quite red, especially around my cheeks, and I have found that some products aggravate this rednesss. When it comes to skincare products, I am looking for products that won’t aggravate my skin in any which, and which are intensely moisturising. I think I have fount that in the Palmer’s range, and I am really enjoying using them!

IMG_1304[1]These are the products that I use in the morning. Most mornings I will use the Palmer’s Creamy Cleanser and Makeup Remover, but two to three times a week I will use the Palmer’s Microfine Exfoliating Scrub. Both of these products are really gentle on my skin, and I find that the cocoa and shea butters they contain prevent them from being too drying. The exfoliating scrub uses cocoa powder and walnut shell as exfoliants, and I find these to be much less irritating than other exfoliants I have tried in the past. Once I have washed my face, I use the Palmer’s Skin Perfecting Moisturising Day Cream. Oh, how I love this moisturiser! It feels absolutely lovely as you rub it in, and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and intensely moisturised. Oh, and something I forgot to mention – all of the products from the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter range smell like chocolate!

IMG_1307[1]These are the products that I use on my face at night. I am currently using the Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk makeup remover to remove eye makeup, and while I am finding it quite good, I do think I will try another makeup remover when this one runs out. While it is quite moisturising, I find that it can cause my eyes to sting, and it doesn’t completely remove stubborn makeup like eyeliner. After I have removed my makeup I then wash my face again with the Palmer’s Creamy Cleanser and Makeup Remover, and then I use the Palmer’s Moisture Rich Night Cream. While I don’t love this moisturiser quite as much as I love the day cream, I do still quite like it. I find it to be really cooling, and I feel that it has quite a calming effect on my skin, which feels really nice when I am going to sleep.

IMG_1310[1]Last but not least, I thought I would show you the products I have been using on my body lately. I have been a lover of The Body Shop’s Shea Body Butter for around a year now, and for Christmas a friend gave me a bottle of their Shea Shower Cream, which I am also loving. I can’t use soaps on my skin, as it doesn’t react well, so soap-free body washes such as this one are wonderful, and I love that both my body wash and my moisturiser smell the same! As I said, I have been using the body butter for about a year now, and I can’t see myself changing moisturiser any time soon. I often have problems with dry skin, especially on my arms, and I find this body butter to be rich and creamy enough to actually provide enough moisture. And of course it smells divine!

And that’s it! I am only use a few products at the moment, but that is still a big step up from what I was using a year ago, and I can see myself gradually adding more products over the coming months. I am slowly finding products that I love and which work for me, and I really do think they have made a big difference to the state of my skin.

Do you have a skincare routine that you find works well for you? Do you have any products that you would recommend?

My 4 Month Shopping Ban

I spent yesterday unpacking my suitcases and a whole lot of boxes, and have now almost finished unpacking and sorting out my new bedroom. As satisfying as it was to get everything neatly sorted out, it was also quite confronting to see exactly how much stuff I own. I have done more shopping the past three months than I usually do in a year, and while I am really happy with the purchases I have made, I think it is about time I stopped shopping, and I want to try and save some money. I have reached a point where I feel like my wardrobe is just about right, and apart from a few key items I have nothing else that I really need. After some consideration, I have decided that I will make a dramatic reduction to my shopping, and I have decided that I will set myself a 4 month shopping ban. The reason I have decided on a 4 month ban, rather than the more common 6-month time frame, is that I am going to France and London in June for just under 3 weeks, and I expect I will be doing a reasonable amount of shopping while I am over there.

I know I won’t be able to go 4 months without purchasing a single item of clothing, accessories, makeup etc, so I have come up with a few rules to follow which I think should allow me to get through these 4 months without much trouble.

1. I can buy basic essentials. Things like tights, socks, and basic, practical underwear are okay, but only if I need them.

2. If something breaks or wears out, I can replace it, but only if I don’t have something similar. I don’t see this happening very often, but if something I wear regularly does become unwearable and I don’t already own a suitable alternative, I am allowed to replace it.

3. When it comes to makeup, I can only replace things I use on a daily basis. I own a rather small amount of makeup as it is, and I am interested in building a better collection, but I think I will wait until I am in London to do that. Over the next 4 months, the only makeup I buy will be replacements for things that I use on a daily basis. I know my primer will run out soon, and I can see myself needing to replace some of the lipsticks that I wear on a near-daily basis, but apart from that I shouldn’t be buying too much makeup.

4. I can buy myself one black coat and one pair of black boots when winter gets here. At the moment I only own one winter coat, as my old black one became too small, and my current black ankle boots have gotten very sad looking, so they will need replacing. I will make sure that both of these items are high quality pieces that will last me for years, and I will take the time to find something perfect, not settling for anything that doesn’t tick all the boxes.

5. No magazines except Frankie, and minimal books. I have limited time to read during the semester due to my high study load, and I am now living very near to my favourite library, so hopefully I can make it through these 6 months without buying any books, but I refuse to set myself a complete book ban.

Well, that is it. From today onward, I will be dramatically cutting down my shopping. I am feeling really good about this ban, and I do think that I will be able to maintain it. I find I get enough retail therapy from just doing the grocery shopping, and I do believe I have reached a point where there is almost nothing that I actually need. I will keep you updated about how I am going on a monthly basis, and after 4 months I will most likely write a post about my experience.

Have you ever placed yourself on a shopping ban? If you did, what did you find the hardest to avoid? Are there any pitfalls I need to watch out for?