My Skincare Routine

A few months ago, around exam period, I started to have some trouble with my skin. It was looking really dry and lifeless, and I was getting slightly more blemishes. I had never really had a skincare routine – I had a cleanser, a moisturiser, and a makeup remover, and that was it – so I decided I would try out some new products. I went to one of the big warehouses here, looked through the entirety of the face care aisle, and eventually decided I would try out the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter range. I started with a face mask, and instantly fell in love. Gradually I integrated almost all of the Palmer’s products into my daily routine, and so far I have absolutely adored them!

I think it is important that I tell you a little bit about my skin, before I start telling you about the products I use, so that you will get some idea about whether the products I use will suit you. I will be the first to tell you that I won the genetic lottery when it comes to my skin (at least on my face) – I rarely get blemishes, and my skin is generally fairly even-toned. That being said, my skin is often quite dry, and can be very sensitive to certain products. My skin will often get quite red, especially around my cheeks, and I have found that some products aggravate this rednesss. When it comes to skincare products, I am looking for products that won’t aggravate my skin in any which, and which are intensely moisturising. I think I have fount that in the Palmer’s range, and I am really enjoying using them!

IMG_1304[1]These are the products that I use in the morning. Most mornings I will use the Palmer’s Creamy Cleanser and Makeup Remover, but two to three times a week I will use the Palmer’s Microfine Exfoliating Scrub. Both of these products are really gentle on my skin, and I find that the cocoa and shea butters they contain prevent them from being too drying. The exfoliating scrub uses cocoa powder and walnut shell as exfoliants, and I find these to be much less irritating than other exfoliants I have tried in the past. Once I have washed my face, I use the Palmer’s Skin Perfecting Moisturising Day Cream. Oh, how I love this moisturiser! It feels absolutely lovely as you rub it in, and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and intensely moisturised. Oh, and something I forgot to mention – all of the products from the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter range smell like chocolate!

IMG_1307[1]These are the products that I use on my face at night. I am currently using the Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk makeup remover to remove eye makeup, and while I am finding it quite good, I do think I will try another makeup remover when this one runs out. While it is quite moisturising, I find that it can cause my eyes to sting, and it doesn’t completely remove stubborn makeup like eyeliner. After I have removed my makeup I then wash my face again with the Palmer’s Creamy Cleanser and Makeup Remover, and then I use the Palmer’s Moisture Rich Night Cream. While I don’t love this moisturiser quite as much as I love the day cream, I do still quite like it. I find it to be really cooling, and I feel that it has quite a calming effect on my skin, which feels really nice when I am going to sleep.

IMG_1310[1]Last but not least, I thought I would show you the products I have been using on my body lately. I have been a lover of The Body Shop’s Shea Body Butter for around a year now, and for Christmas a friend gave me a bottle of their Shea Shower Cream, which I am also loving. I can’t use soaps on my skin, as it doesn’t react well, so soap-free body washes such as this one are wonderful, and I love that both my body wash and my moisturiser smell the same! As I said, I have been using the body butter for about a year now, and I can’t see myself changing moisturiser any time soon. I often have problems with dry skin, especially on my arms, and I find this body butter to be rich and creamy enough to actually provide enough moisture. And of course it smells divine!

And that’s it! I am only use a few products at the moment, but that is still a big step up from what I was using a year ago, and I can see myself gradually adding more products over the coming months. I am slowly finding products that I love and which work for me, and I really do think they have made a big difference to the state of my skin.

Do you have a skincare routine that you find works well for you? Do you have any products that you would recommend?


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